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Nurturing networks of food resilience in Greene county.

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Today, downtown has no grocery store, and not a single establishment sells fresh produce. Though many new businesses are moving to capitalize on the revitalization of Upstate New York, few are addressing the striking realities of generational de-industrialization, gentrification, economic struggle and lack of food access.

Co-operative Food Stores, or “Food Co-ops” offer an alternative model to the conventional grocery store standard. Empowering workers and consumers with the power to vote, and the option of ownership, co-ops emphasize a collaborative process to direct the organization’s future.

A hundred years ago, Main St. in Catskill had more than a dozen grocers and butchers.

Catskill Hay Farmers NY circa 1910 - 1920

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A Catskill Farm on the NY Thruway, circa 1950

In upstate New York, where organic farms surround small towns, it is somehow nearly impossible to find markets which actually sell local groceries to local consumers.

With a high priority on serving populations in New York City with organic produce, the small communities in between these large agricultural spaces are often neglected, with the only grocers in town being Price Chopper, Walmart or the local bodega – all of which do not prioritize fresh or local foods.

EAT CO-OP is an attempt to address these local (and global) issues, participating in a replicable model for providing food security, by creating a co-operative grocery space, community kitchen and cafe.

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but we need your help !

EAT is a small scale co-operative & communally owned grocery store, providing fresh, local or organic foods to main street, while also highlighting and giving back to regional regenerative farm projects, by offering commercial kitchen rentals and cafe access to farmers and makers.

We will also offer a variety of CSA and sliding scale payment models, that prioritize local farmers & consumers alike. We will process any unsold produce for value added products, like jams or canned goods-- offering a menu of soups, smoothies, and nourishing snacks to highlight local and seasonal foods, while securing a year round farmer's market for local growers to sell their produce directly to the community. Our Community Kitchen, will extend commercial kitchen status to farmers who would like to host farm dinners or pop - up dining experiences, while also allowing local caterers, farmers or chefs to scale their professional food production. Finally, we will prioritize equitable pay for all of our employees, and commit profits to funding local regenerative land projects, with a focus on BIPOC Farm & Nature access.

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Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills, 1902

Our goal is to raise $22,222

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Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills, 1902

to ensure our first year is a success

for our farmers, workers & users :

Security Deposit = 3 * Rent : $7,000

Liability Insurance : $1,000 - 2,000

Equipment Insurance : $1,000 - 2,000

First month's rent : $1,800

Website & Marketing Costs : $1000

Commercial Freeze Dryer : $6,000

Municipal Administrative Fees : $500

Sign Production : $500 - 1000

Fair Compensation for Labor : $3000

Advertising & Outreach : $500

We hope after our first year that

EAT will be sustained by farmers,

workers, users & community members !

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  • Provide nutritious, naturally grown local food to the Catskill community.
  • Provide an outlet for farmers, growers & makers to sell their wares directly.
  • Provide education on sustainability, social justice and workers’ rights--especially within the food system.
  • Create a nourishing space for building community, wellness and healing.
  • Fair compensation for labor
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Racial & Social Justice
  • Keep it local
  • Inclusivity for all
  • Cultivating joy

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Committee :

  1. Claudia N (Co-Founder & Executive Director)
  2. Gabriel K (Co-Founder & Accountant)

EAT, a Co-operatively owned :

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community grocerY

commercial kitchen

Cafe & deli

Putting local farmers first!

Scale your production!

Nourish yourself !

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Nurturing networks of food resilience in Greene county NY.

EAT Co-op grocery, kitchen + cafe


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